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Built to your specifications.


  • The willingness to rebuild a 7000 lb. (3100 kg) capacity caster after it was accidentally run into by the forklift.
  • The service to rebuild spring loaded casters found on forklifts.
  • A 16″ pneumatic scaffold caster utilizing existing screwjack mechanisms.
  • A low overall height 10,000 lb. capacity caster fitted with tie-down container fittings for a 20′ shipping container which needs to move out of a shop remove the casters quickly and install them on a new container which moves back into the shop to be loaded.
  • A drive wheel/caster combination for a mining robot.
  • Swivel and fixed casters equipped with wheels which will rotate in one direction only.
  • Assurance that the product they are offering you will do the job.

Technical information on the products they are offering you.

Q: How much for a 3″ caster?
A: When you stop and think about it for a moment, something has propelled you to this point in your life where you are faced with the challenge to move a piece of equipment. So, before we get to price you that 3″ caster, what has lead you to believe that you need a 3″ caster. And when you say 3″ caster do you mean you are looking for a caster that will provide 3″ of clearance or do you mean you are looking for a caster with 3″ diameter wheels? What are you going to put that 3″ caster onto? How much does the equipment weigh? Is there other weight which will be added to the equipment somewhere down the line? Will this equipment be moved once a day, twice, etc? How far is the equipment going to travel each time it is moved? Who is most likely to be moving the equipment or how is the equipment most likely to be moved? Will the equipment encounter obstacles on the floor which it will need to roll through or over? Is there sensitive material on the equipment which needs to be protected? Will the equipment need to be secured into place once it is moved into position? Now that we’ve established what you are really looking for – $85.71 CDN each.