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 Quiet Casters for your office or business

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Let Us Help You to Keep On Rolling…


  • to have a set of casters on your office chair that do not violate the anti-noise bylaws
  • to establish a harmonious relationship between your casters and that expensive new floor
  • if the room service cart you were pushing did not get wedged in the elevator gap as you were exiting the elevator dumping the contents of the cart onto that expensive new hallway carpeting
  • to reduce maintenance costs of all casters and wheels on the hotels mobile kitchen equipment
  • to eliminate corrosion of the casters on the cafeteria kitchen equipment thereby reducing any health hazards
  • to have a light weight high capacity cart specifically built to transport banquet tables and chairs
  • to be serviced by someone who was actually interested in giving you the best options for you to consider and then leaving it up to you to decide on the option which fits your criteria rather than someone trying to just sell you stuff.

Our focus and aim is to provide all the information necessary for our customers to make an informed purchasing decision. We can offer you the benefit of our experience and a range of products which can be fitted to meet your specific application requirements.