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  • crash carts which drop down into the gap at elevator doors subsequently falling over creating havoc at a time when immediate assistance is required over a medical emergency
  • static electrical charge built up from the friction caused when the wheels roll transmitting into nasty shocks
  • shower chairs and commode chairs which require good positive locking systems which will not move when patients are transferred from the one chair to another
  • the short life span/high replacement costs of casters on shower chairs
  • bed side tables which do not move easily leaving a patient to struggle with it to get it into position
  • I.V. stands which are hard to push or seem to want to go in their own direction
  • hospital beds which are too high for some patients to climb onto thereby creating the need for lower overall height casters
  • corroding casters in the cafeteria kitchen because of damp conditions creating a health hazard
  • mobile food service carts that are extremely hard to push
  • food service carts which are hard to maneuver in small areas then needed to go long straight distances
  • a mobile chair used for rehab patients that needs to go into the swimming pool
  • caster sales people more interested in selling you stuff than finding real solutions to your mobility problems.

These are some of the situations we have provided solutions for over the past few years. Give us a call, we are ready to help you identify the best solution for an application you are faced with.